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It’s days like this that I like to remember that the Irish government are ever proud of the Spire of Dublin.


It’s literally a 400 ft metal spike sticking out of the ground. It was supposed to be done for the new millennium but they didn’t start building it until 2002.

And it’s supposed to be self-cleaning but it doesn’t work and there’s no way to clean it.


not to mention it’s ‘unofficial name’

the erection at the intersection

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Butterfly cake by (Janelle Dedini)

Lynx getting….(Explored, my 101th) by Pewald on Flickr.



remember that once in the late 70’s a face character for pooh at disneyland was accused of hitting a child in the face on accident and so the dude came back to court after the recess in the pooh costume and answering the questions as pooh and fucking danced in the courtroom in order to prove that the arms were too high up to hit the kid and he was acquitted within 20 minutes

That’s some Phoenix Wright shit right there, I swear

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Anonymous: I've had a "crush" for two years, I don't say love because I honestly don't know what love is, but I'm head over heels. What is love?


Love is when they pull a blanket over you when you fall asleep while they were trying to tell you something important. Love is when they buy you your favorite treat when you’re mad at the world. Love is when they share their hobbies with you and vice versa. Love is reading each others’ favourite novels and watching each others’ favourite television shows and movies. Love is when you think this person makes you better. Love is thinking that you’re not good enough but this person proves to you that you are. Love is when you still want to talk to them even if you’re so angry at them. Love is the first ice-cream cone of Spring. Love is the smell after rain. Love is falling even when you do not want to fall. Love is feeling so much, whether good or bad, but believing that it is worth every second.


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you could read this from right to left or left to right and it doesnt matter. it doesnt matter